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From East to West, Vernazza is the fourth village of Cinque Terre and therefore its central position makes it the ideal starting point for a visit in the area.

Founded in the 11th century, the village develops along the Vernazzola river, running from the mountain to the Sea. It is characterised by the typical colourful and tall Ligurian houses and crisscrossed by the uncountable narrow streets gathering in the famous square by the sea or in Via Roma, the crowded and lively main street.

A rich trade centre during the Middle Ages, Vernazza now hosts rich architectural elements, such as loggias, arcades and portals. The Doria Castle and the defensive Tower above the village, once used to protect the village from the Saracens, offer to visitors a stunning view over the whole coastline.

The main square hosts the Genoese-Romanesque Santa Margherita church, built in the 13th century and made up a medieval and a renaissance part.

Vernazza is a member of the Association of Most Beautiful Italian Villages